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Schilling CTS is proud to announce a forthcoming two-day workshop on 18 - 19 August 2015: Benedicte Schilling, systemic supervisor & trainer, clinical psychologist: How to Supervise Professionals from Multidisciplinary Professions

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Supervision - How to supervise professionals from different professions

29/06/2017 - 30/06/2017 (09.30 - 16.00) Cambridge, United Kingdom

Course no 119/2017 -

Thursday 29th June 2017, 9.30 - 4.00 + Friday 30th June 2017, 9.30 - 4.00
Cambridge, United Kingdom

Presented by
Benedicte Schilling, chartered clinical psychologist and supervisor, systemic therapist, member of UKCP and AFT

Language: English

Participants: For all professionals and managers working within the private and public services with responsibilities of providing supervisory services within their organizations

Venue: Cambridge, United Kingdom

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Default Positioning: A Positional Guide to Personal and Professional Supervision

13/02/2017 (09.30 - 4.30) London, United Kingdom

Course no 111/2017

Presented by Simon Burton

Default Positioning is an idea inspired by computer technology. The default position is a state to which a computer returns if not programmed otherwise when it is reopened. People can be said to have default positions too. They might be called ‘return to’ positions. Some might say a return to old and perhaps even bad habits. Our default positions seek to protect us from uncomfortable feelings and tend to come to our rescue when we feel stuck, awkward, uneasy etc in the company of other people. They usually result in us adopting familiar and well-worn strategies that may or may not suit the particular piece of work we are involved in. This can and does often lead to further frustration and more work. This workshop investigates ways of using our default positions to the advantage of our clients, colleague’s etc. It inspires us to welcome and utilise feelings of stuckness, frustration, discomfort etc as a drive to creating a greater connectedness and therapeutic dexterity with our clients and colleagues.

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Be Nice: The Aesthetics of Positioning - A positional guide to therapeutic relationships

14/02/2017 (09.30 - 4.30) London, United Kingdom

Course no 121/2017

Presented by Simon Burton

Therapists are really nice people and that makes a difference. There is a wealth of research on what works in therapy and second only to people’s own resources and good luck it is the relationship between client and worker that is shown to be most crucial in helping people change.

This workshop explores the art of creating and maintaining therapeutic relationships by developing our positional abilities using systemic and positioning approaches. It focuses on three positional abilities; that of expecting and welcoming difference, that of expecting that our assumptions will be wrong and that of developing and maintaining our faith in our approach. Each of these abilities and others that constitute being nice will be explored in the context of working with clients, their families, friends and connected professionals. Staying nice or the maintaining of healthy of healthy client/worker relationships and the virtues of not being nice will also be considered in this workshop.

In both of the two day workshops Simon will encourage audience participation and offer opportunities to practice through exercises, case discussion and role plays.

Price includes tea and coffee, no VAT to be paid.

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GBP: £90.00
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Management and supervision

19/04/2017 (09.30 - 4.30) Cambridge, United Kingdom

Course number 122/2017

Course for managers responsible for organising supervision within their organisations.

Presented by Benedicte Schilling

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