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Schilling CTS is proud to announce a forthcoming two-day workshop on 18 - 19 August 2015: Benedicte Schilling, systemic supervisor & trainer, clinical psychologist: How to Supervise Professionals from Multidisciplinary Professions

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Our services are provided by our various qualified and experienced staff team:

Benedicte Schilling

Certified MSc in Psychology, clinical chartered psychologist, cand. psych., chartered supervisor and trainer

Benedicte Schilling is Certified MSc in Psychology and she is certified as a specialist in children and family psychology. She is chartered by the Danish Psychological Association. Approved by the Social Ministry’s Board of Psychology, registered specialist of child and family psychology.

Post graduate Ph.D. studies at University of Copenhagen and the University of Oxford.

Qualified as a systemic (family) therapist from DISPUK in Denmark. Qualified as a systemic organisational and management consultant from DISPUK, Denmark. Special post-graduate qualifications within the fields of neuro psychology and family psychology.

Since 1989, Benedicte has worked mainly within the fields of social services for children, teenagers, families with mental health, developmental, and social problems. Children put into care etc.

Since 1992, Benedicte has worked with, supervising and case-manage professionals and staff co-operating with children, teenagers and families.

Specialised in working with and handling “impossible” cases, building “alternative” teams involving extended family, peer groups, creating “fan groups” etc. and otherwise designing individual solutions.

Since 1994, Benedicte has worked with social marginalised people and their various professionals. Member of team who started the Danish Children Hot Line and Chair of the Hot Line the first 2 years.

A member of the Danish Foundation for Information of Psychiatry, and various other positions of trust throughout the years etc.

Chair of the Danish Psychological Society for Supervision, The Danish Psychological Association, since 2008

Registret Member of the UKCP Association (as a systemic therapist) and registret member of the AFT Association

Author of books about techniques and approaches of systemic supervision and loads of articles and papers about the conditions for children, teenagers, families and social marginalised people in our modern society and within the established professional support and treatment systems.

Simon Burton

Systemic psychotherapist, Dip.Syst.Therapy, DSTTS, BA

Qualified systemic & family psychotherapist and teacher of psychotherapy at the former Kensington Consultation Centre in London.

25 years working with children and families within Social Service and Mental Health settings. Currently working within both adult and child and family psychiatry in Norwich, England.

Specialised in working with complex and seemingly “stuck” cases, post divorce crises, “impossible” people and institutional difficulties.

Supervising and offering training and development to professional teams within Mental Health, Social Services and Education.

20 years supervising professional teams in Sweden and Denmark. Formerly trainer for Kensington Consultation Centre/London involved in MSc and Diploma courses in England and Scandinavia. Formerly a manager of residential therapeutic services for children within Norfolk and Hackney Social Services.