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Schilling CTS is proud to announce a forthcoming two-day workshop on 18 - 19 August 2015: Benedicte Schilling, systemic supervisor & trainer, clinical psychologist: How to Supervise Professionals from Multidisciplinary Professions


We provide therapy, consultation, training, supervision, developmental support and assistance in promoting organisational change to individuals or teams of professionals primarily within…

  • Social services
  • Special treatment homes and institutions
  • Services for socially and culturally marginalised groups of people
  • Mental health services
  • Child and family services
  • Schools
  • Education services
  • Health services

We have been in business for more than 25 years and accept referrals from services all over Europe. We work in several different languages.

We adapt all our services and our approaches to specific needs and wishes. We always endeavour to fit with individual needs and wishes with regard to individual approaches, time, goals and venues.
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We support people in establishing more efficient, resourceful, focused, respectful, reflexive, creative, co-operative and coherent ways to go on with their life and their work with new energy, focus, hope and visions.

We offer services which aim to support peoples competences and empower them to get on with the different challenges and developments they face in life and in work. We work to find ways of encouraging people to manage complexity, patterns of actions and beliefs within the systems and situations they live in.

We offer our services…

  • to professionals
  • to managers and decision-makers of professional teams
  • to families
  • to adults
  • to children
  • to teenagers

from all cultural and social domains


We offer our services in the following languages:

  • English
  • Danish
  • Scandinavian languages

Where do we meet?

We always endeavour to fit with individual needs and wishes with regard to venue. Presently, we have offices in Norwich/England and in Copenhagen/Denmark

  • We can meet our customers in our offices
  • We offer in-home consultations and guidance and endeavour to fit as best we can the week days that might fit you, your family or colleagues
  • We also meet with our clients and customers at other convenient locations e.g. agency premises such as social service offices, schools., cafés, cinemas, park areas or other out-door, public places. Our aim is to meet in places that are safe and conducive to useful dialogue and contact

How do We Make Contact?

Anyone wishing to use our services is welcome to contact us directly by clicking here:

Please, make contact to Schilling CTS Ltd.

You can also write to our e-mail system:

We will always respond back to your enquiries, provide more information and be of assistance if you wish to make an appointment.