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Schilling CTS is proud to announce a forthcoming two-day workshop on 18 - 19 August 2015: Benedicte Schilling, systemic supervisor & trainer, clinical psychologist: How to Supervise Professionals from Multidisciplinary Professions


All our work and services are based on strong, ethical positions and beliefs.

We support people in establishing more efficient, resourceful, focused, respectful, reflexive, creative, co-operative and coherent ways to go on with their life and their work with new energy, focus, hope and visions.

We offer services which aim to support peoples competences and empower them to get on with the different challenges and developments they face in life and in work. We work to find ways of encouraging people to manage complexity, patterns of actions and beliefs within the systems and situations they live in.

We always work from a belief that people have the resources and the ability to live a life that make sense to themselves.

We value the existing resources that people have, coherence, the importance of context, communication and patterns. We make sure to involve the referral system and learn about all other professionals involved around any defined client. We work from a neutral position whilst understanding that we become part of a larger, coherent system. All our work follow the ethical standards set by…