Latest News

Schilling CTS is proud to announce a forthcoming two-day workshop on 18 - 19 August 2015: Benedicte Schilling, systemic supervisor & trainer, clinical psychologist: How to Supervise Professionals from Multidisciplinary Professions


We offer our services

  • to teams of professionals
  • to managers and decision-makers of professional teams and services
  • to families
  • to adults
  • to children
  • to teenagers

from all cultural and social domains

  • We work with individuals and groups of professionals in particular within social services, mental health, schools, rehabilitation services and health
  • We work with adults, children and teenagers
  • We work with parents and couples
  • We work with families and extended families
  • We work with groups of people e.g. specific groups of teenagers, social marginalised groups, children at risk, communities

We provide therapy, consultation, empowerment counseling, training, supervision, developmental support and process/research evaluations to individuals or teams of professionals primarily within

  • Social services
  • Special treatment homes and institutions
  • Rehabilitation services
  • Services for socially and culturally marginalised groups of people
  • Mental health services
  • Child and family services
  • Schools
  • Education services
  • Health services

We adapt our services and our approaches to meet specific needs and wishes. We always endeavour to fit with individual needs and wishes with regard to individual approaches, time, goals, language and venue.


We accept referrals fromů

  • Yourself as an adult or as a family
  • Social services
  • Mental health services
  • Rehabilitation services
  • Special treatment homes: Autism and related, ADHD and related, special learning difficulties, eating disorders, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, anti-social or acting-out behaviour, drug and alcohol related etc.
  • Children and family treatment services
  • Schools and education services
  • Health services