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Schilling CTS is proud to announce a forthcoming two-day workshop on 18 - 19 August 2015: Benedicte Schilling, systemic supervisor & trainer, clinical psychologist: How to Supervise Professionals from Multidisciplinary Professions

Services » Assessments

We offer clinical, social and neuropsychological investigations, testing, assessments and evaluations and produce extended action plans within a systemic framework for

  • adults
  • children
  • teenagers
  • and families

of all cultural and social orientation

  • We offer - Cognitive evaluation and intelligence screenings
  • Personality profiles and evaluation (projective evaluations)
  • Neurological evaluation
  • Educational and work rehabilitation evaluation

Systemic written report and action plan

Our evaluations often end with a systemic written report, including close description of and attention to…

  • Individual profiling: Personal status within social and cultural contexts and living conditions
  • Family history (incl. extended family genogram)
  • Individual history (incl. social and cultural grams)
  • Relationship history

To provide a useful, coherent picture of

  • Personal goals and wishes for an easy and good life
  • Cognitive resources and competences
  • Personal resources, coping strategies and competences incl. mental health status
  • Social resources and competences
  • Family resources and competences
  • Educational and work resources and competences

with an action plan suggesting action ideas for further support, rehabilitation and treatment.